Welcome to my webpage.I build quality Truss Dobsonian telescopes.
Please contact us if you have any questions or any information.
Please feel free to browse and see the many satisfied customers I have
served and please visit again. Thank You.
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  E mail : astrosky@centurylink.net
 Youtube video in Updates page on your projects . 
 cellphone:337 499 6627 (text only)
Workshop phone: 337 214 0023

Date Delivery: 

Tinchi L.    12.5"               May.   2014       
Wilfred D.  12.5"               April   2014
Gerald F.   22"                  April   2014       Delivered on April 9th
William C.  16"                  April   2014
Tri A.         12.5"               Feb.    2014      Delivered on Feb.17th 
Jim G        14.5"               May     2014

​Now accept deposit for April production run
3 more telescopes left.                                 Next production run on Sept.